Friday, April 11, 2014

Genre Chart

Something new that I want to show you is the genre chart. It's a chart where you record which genres you have read. If you read all of the genres you get candy!

New Writing Habits

Some new habits that I use in writing are that I think about word choice and language for arguments like my position is..., another reason is..., etc. Last year I just put the normal words but now I think if I can put fancy words.

Me as a Reader

This year I have read 37 books which is a lot. My favorite series is the Among The Hidden series. It's about a government that prohibits couples having a third child but a third then gets a fake I.D ane heads off to help third children all over the country. I've enjoyed new genres like mystery and realistic fiction.

My Work That I Could Improve

My piece of work that I could improve is the poster that I did about Ned Begay, a american navajo code talker in the second world war. I could improve the poster because the conclusion was not as clear and my work wasn't so organized.  

My Best Work

My best work is my reading log because I have read more books than I had predicted I would and I read two times more than last year. Also, I've been engaged in reading at home and at class. When we do DEAR in advisory I always read my book.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Introduction to Mateo

       I enjoyed when we read Oh,Rats! together because it was fun and interesting. I also liked when we played the game of context clues because we were learning having fun. I liked to read the giver because it was a really good and interesting book.

My favorite books:
The Giver
Catching Fire
The Mysterious Benedict Society